Artistic Chaos

My 7th and 8th grade classes are both working on sculpture projects right now so it’s been chaotic and messy and fun in the Art room this week.

The 7th graders are working in groups to make giant Pop Art sculptures in the style of Claes Oldenberg.  We have a piece of pizza, a Reeses PB Cup, a jar of Nutella, a can of caviar, a hot dog, a PlayStation controller and a Michael Jordan tennis shoe.  It’s been a crazy week of assembling armatures before we paper mache next week, but this mess of cardboard is actually starting to look like recognizable objects.  It was a little difficult to get the kids to work big so I started saying that they need to be able to fit inside their project…which this group has taken to heart:

A shoe as big as a 7th grader.

A shoe as big as a 7th grader.

8th graders are working on composite creatures made of clay.  Each student has compiled a minimum of four different animals together to create a mythological creature.  We are learning clay techniques and skills and they are creating some pretty interesting and unique characters.  I especially like the mane on this creature with a lion head:

Composite CreatureWhen the creatures are done, students will also be creating composite habitats for their creature to live in on the display case shelf!


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