England’s Lake District

The past few days I traveled around the Lake District in England. While there I had a chance to hike a couple of trails and take advantage of some good British beer and pub food. Nothing like a pie or fish and chips after a long day of hiking.

The first hike I did was a horse shoe shaped trail that followed a ridge line and provided some nice views when the clouds rolled away.. The second day I hiked the 3rd tallest peak in England. It took about an hour and a half to get up Helvellyn which is a whopping 712m. Kind of like a speed bump but because it had some sharp drop off and the skies were clear I got some nice views. I got the idea for the two hikes from a guy who ran a local sporting goods store and had maps of the area. Between his directions and helpful bus drivers I was able to find the trail heads. I didn’t always follow the trail exactly but aside from running into a few sheep nothing majorly wrong happened. It was nice to get out on trails again that were not congested.

After a couple of days hiking I headed back into Manchester to see a little bit of the city and catch the Barcelona Man. City game. Manchester City won but it was cool to see Messi score and to watch Pep Guardiola coach. I’ll leave you with the pictures from the hikes.


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