Uzbekistan: The Architecture

I’ve decided to split the pictures of Uzbekistan up into two sets. The first will highlight the architecture. I was so excited to see the architecture as I used it repeatedly in history class to show the merging of cultures along the silk road. Samarkand at one time had been the capital of Timur the Lame who had a loose connection to Ghenghis Khan. Many of the buildings needed massive reconstruction as they had fallen into disrepair.

Traveling to Uzbekistan felt a little bit more off the beaten path, while there weren’t many tourists around we managed with some broken Russian and miming with a bit of English. We were surprised by the Russian influence in Uzbekistan, while we knew it had been a Soviet state and there are continued friendly relations we didn’t expect to have such an influence. I’ll leave you with the following images, they are just a small part of the beauty that the country possesses.


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