Athens, Greece: The Start of a Vacation full of Temples

Greece was the first stop of our winter break. It was not part of the original plan, but when we saw that the flight we were going to purchase to Egypt went through Athens, we figured why not. So Athens kicked off our winter break of see seeing ruins and other old things. As you can imagine, Caitlin was super excited as so much of Western Art History has some connection to Greece.

So naturally we our time checking out the Agora and the Acropolis along with the museums pertaining to Ancient Greece. Caitlin bounced between telling me everything you could possibly want to know about each site and listening to a Rick Steves podcast that told us everything else we could possibly have wanted to know. This was the warm up for the rest of the temples we were going to see.

Of course in-between sites we also enjoyed the cuisine and I found myself constantly feeling like I had eaten too much and wishing I had stretchy pants. Regardless I couldn’t say no to any dish as I knew we only had a couple of days. We also reinstated our mantra of “If there is a line, get in it” which resulted in some great gyros and souvlaki. If you click on the pictures there are further descriptions of our trip.



One thought on “Athens, Greece: The Start of a Vacation full of Temples

  1. Great pictures there, interesting these Greeks used sandals when they have a Nike temple. Hm maybe the reason of the economy collapsing they did not marketed right


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