Around Moscow

We decided to take advantage of a Sunday that promised a little bit of sunlight and an opportunity to explore Moscow. We have been trying to explore Moscow as much as possible. Recently we’ve had a lot of other commitments but have managed to wander a bit the past two weeks.

We headed to Gorky Park and Caitlin was a good sport about my desire to go see a bunch of old Communist statues that had been taken from their original locations and put outside the museum by Gorky Park. They have made it into a Statue garden, and it consists of some modern art along with some old Soviet stuff. As you can imagine I thought it was really cool and Caitlin didn’t seem to mind it too much. The only thing I hadn’t factored in was enough layers to walk around the city for a couple of hours. So by the end I was getting cold and a tad cranky, Caitlin however seems to really like the cold, I never would have guessed it. Thankfully we stopped for a late lunch and a little warmth.



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