Hike up Hallasan

We are 2 teachers living and teaching abroad.  Originally from Wisconsin, we dated long distance for two years while Caitlin lived in Indiana and Alex lived in Milwaukee.  Trying to decide who should move to be with the other person was pretty tough so we decided to move abroad instead!

We started living overseas with the idea that after two years, we would move home.  Now we are eight years in and living in our fourth country!

Our blog has evolved over the years, but still remains primarily a journal of our travels.  We love to take pictures and share our various trips as well as share tidbits about living in a foreign country.  Periodically we throw in posts about teaching and what our students are up to in the classroom.  Sometimes we add cat and food posts too!  It’s a bit eclectic, but then again, so are our lives.

Join us as we travel, teach, eat our way through life.

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