The Pope

Shortly after going to the queen concert I had another chance to see another famous individual, Pope Francis. He was visiting Korea as it is one of the few countries that is seeing an increase in Catholics. I figured I would try to go see him, Caitlin and two of our friends Marie and Courtney decided to join us. We were well aware that it was going to be a crush of humanity and while we were not disappointed it was not as bad as I had anticipated. They had blocked off the center area for those who had tickets and the exterior was intended for foot traffic, which of course turned into standing/shoving room once the Pope came around. I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the pope, but rather decided to just take it all in. We got a chance to see the Pope step down from his converted Kia to great the group of Sewol Ferry family members who were petitioning for a truth commission to be formed to find out who all was responsible for the events that occurred. After that he finished up his loop of waving and got up to the stage to conduct mass.

It was interesting to be there for mass, as I had never attended a service with that many people. To the extent that the majority of people were watching him on big screen TVs.

After mass we hit up the Dongdaemun Design plaza which I had been meaning to visit for some time now. Ever since Nina came and told us how awesome it was. It was definitely on the cooler end of modern architecture here in Korea and offered for some M.C. Escher style pictures. I didn’t put as much effort in as I would have liked to but I was wiped from the mass of humanity. A few pictures to enjoy.



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