Gili Air

The last part of our trip was spent on Gili Air. We had heard so much about Gili Air from our coworkers and it did not disappoint. We took a ferry from Bali to Gili Air. Gili Air is one of three small islands off of Lombok. The islands have no cars or motorcycles, everyone gets around by walking, biking, or horse drawn carriage. It made for a relaxing feel and a great last few days in Indonesia, except for the fact that Caitlin got sick from eating something.
While Caitlin was recovering and then relaxing I went diving. I decided not to take the camera as I was able to enjoy diving more without thinking about taking pictures. As frequently happens I got a chance to see some things that would have made for awesome pictures. I got to see an octopus during the day along with some Frog fish hanging on ropes underneath a dock. The frog fish was definitely the high light of the diving here.
In addition to diving we took time to relax and get fully into summer vacation mode by enjoying the lounging options that were available. Almost every restaurant had large benches to lounge on that made for awesome reading, napping and relaxing.
There was a lot of construction on Gili Air and a woman we met told us that there had already been a lot of construction and that Gili Air had changed a lot in the time she had lived in Indonesia. Makes me wonder what it will look like if we ever make it back.
View from the hotel restaurant.
Lounge chairs.
The dock we left from.

Gili traffic.
Our room, it was a traditional style house we were told. The shower in the back was completely outdoors with a wall surrounding it.

We took an afternoon to bike around and enjoy the views.

Cool gnarled roots of a tree.

Caitlin taking it all in.

Lounging on one of the benches.

Another Boat.

Waiting for a delayed ferry.

Another amazing view. We could see the mountains of Lombok across the water.

One of the many benches along the beach, set up to watch the sunset.


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