Camping in Big Sur

I’ve heard so much about Big Sur that I put in a request to go see Big Sur and do a little bit of hiking. Mom took care of the logistics in terms of finding a camp site and figuring out what we needed. On the drive down we got a chance to enjoy the winding highway along the cost. We stopped along the way to take some pictures, we lucked out and got a chance to see about 1/2 a dozen condors that were perched along the cliffs. Upon arriving at camp site Bonanza we discovered that we were among one of two groups camped out there. After setting up camp we headed out to visit a nearby mission. This was an added bonus for me as I frequently teach about the California missions but had never been to one. I figure this way next year when I teach about them I can show a picture of the mission.

The second day we decided to take a hike down the mountain to the ocean. The hike started relatively high and ended close to the coast, offering spectacular views along the way. Mid way through  the hike we stopped to have lunch in a grove of redwoods. The long day of hiking was rewarded with steaks, beer and apply pie filling.
On day three we packed up the camp site and headed back home. Along the way stopping at some impressive parks to check out the view and some sea lions sun bathing.

The pictures tell the story far better than I can.

One of the condors landing.
Condor in flight. You should be bale to really zoom in and check them out.

Mom super excited about her new sleeping bag. Aren’t you glad I didn’t put this one first.

The mission’s front.

The interior of the mission.

You could definitely see the Spanish influence.

Mom and Matt cooking pancakes.

The cloud cover in the morning as we headed to the start of the hike.

Looking out from the start of the hike.

The hike was called Vicente Flat.

Tommy posing at the start.

Not sure what kind of tree but had pretty different colors.

Cool looking flowers.

Tommy hiking, Matt falling. Don’t know how I managed to time this one.

Looking up at the redwoods.

Mom and Matt standing by the redwoods, to give a good size comparison.

Hiking into the blue.

Views of the coast were impressive.

Stop for Facebook profile pictures.

Sure why not.

Might as well.

Another view of the coast line with the highway showing.

One of the stops along the way home. This used to be the view from a private home.

Sea lions lounging.

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