Day 2 in and around Ubud

The second day of our trip in Ubud we decided to rent a moped to see some of the surrounding areas. It gave us a chance to see more rice terraces as well as some ruins. In the process we also stopped at a few furniture shops along the way and almost bought a large Bali style bench, unfortunately the shipping costs far out weighed the cost of the bench itself. Our collecting of larger and larger souvenirs worries me, but it was cool to see all the workshops none the less. 
The other part of the day was spent taking pictures to try to improve my photography skills. I have been getting more and more into photography and figured it was a perfect time to practice. I am still struggling to take pictures of people because at times it feels like an invasion of their privacy. I feel at times taking a persons picture sends the message that they are a spectacle or some sort of attraction. This might just be a reflection of my personality rather than an actual concern. This trip I forced myself to ask one woman if I could take her picture and she seemed amused by my request. I’ll continue increasing the number of people pictures I take and see what the responses are.
This woman allowed me to take her picture. She was the care taker of the ruins we visited.
The ruins of a temple we visited.

Caitlin at a cafe above the rice terraces. She put up with a ton of pictures as I was playing with camera settings.

The rice terraces.

A man working the terraces.

Caitlin laughing at me.


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