Monkey Forest

In addition to meandering around Ubud we also visited the Monkey Forest. The Monkey forest is more or a less a park were they keep monkeys in a state of semi wild living. They wander around freely, yet they are fed by the keepers and are used to humans feeding them. This is not to say that they are the friendliest or domesticated. Caitlin had one that saddled up to her and freaked her out a little. As you’ll see in the pictures they have some serious teeth. It made for a leisurely walk through and provided a lot of monkey pictures. Not quite to the level of Caitlin’s flamingo picture extravaganza but definitely prepping for Safari picture taking.

Eating a sweet potato.

Cool vines hanging from a tree.

There were monkeys sitting everywhere.

Thinking about something.

This monkey swung down in between us.

Caitlin posing with a monkey.

A couple getting their wedding photos taken, curious onlookers.

Using a leaf as a tooth pick.

Some of the monkeys looked a little off.

One of the temples in the middle of the park.

Cleaning time in the temple.

Some of the carvings.

Deep thoughts?

No idea what this monkey was doing but her pose made me laugh.

Baby monkey with a mohawk.

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