First day in Ubud

The first part of our trip was spent in Ubud. As we had limited amount of time in Bali we figured we would try to make the most of it and get a jump on the day. We were staying at Mulwarman Guest House which was a little out of the center of town but provided awesome scenery for breakfast.
Our breakfast was a pancake with pineapple worked into it along with some plant (I asked but didn’t recognize the name of it) to make the pancake green. It was then topped with cinnamon, coconut and cheese. While I was unsure of this combination it worked out better than I had expected.
We started the day by walking into some of the nearby rice terraces and taking in the sites. We were surprised to find cafe’s and restaurants sprinkled into the rice paddies. Providing for a break from the sun and a chance to take in the scenery.
From the rice paddies we headed in to town. While town felt rather touristy, it was understandable why with a cool feel of an older town with a lot of what I can only assume to be traditional architecture. We also headed to a monkey park that is in town but I saved those pictures for another post.
Our guest house.
One of hundreds of statues around town.
The walk to our guest house.
The driveway to this house made me happy, I don’t know why.
Rice Paddies
Caitlin either worried or getting tired of me taking pictures.
Posing in front of rice paddies.
The hard work of prepping the fields.
Harvesting of rice.
Threshing of rice.
One of the paddies was full of ducks, to be used for the Crispy duck special.
The view from the cafe. Not sure if the red rice paddy is growing red rice.
Caitlin chilling at a cafe in the rice paddies. Surprisingly it had wifi.
Peeking through one of many doorways.
Peeking through doorways.
In front of a store. I think it was a fancier version of the offerings we saw in front of everyones doors.
More peeking.
I just couldn’t help myself.
Walk by a temple holding some sort of ceremony.

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