Ginkaku-ji: Second place (silver pavilion)

The last day of our trip we went to Ginkaku-Ji also known as the Silver Pavilion. This temple was a the retirement villa of a a Shogun in 1490. He had planned to cover it in silver similar to the Golden Pavilion. However he never got around to it and so it got the nickname but none of the actual silver. The pavilion was then turned into a Zen Temple and has pretty gardens surrounding it. One of the parts that I liked the most was the stone garden in this one. We had gone to another rock garden but this one was more impressive in the manner in which they raked and arranged the gravel.
Caitlin in the entryway.

Some of the bamboo in the gardens.

The first raked sand area.

Second sand area.

Caitlin in front of the raked sand and the temple.

Me in front of the temple. Not a whole lot of shine on it.

Side view of the temple.

Overlooking the pavilion and the city from the top of the gardens.


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