Grocery Shopping in Cambodia

We definitely skipped a whole lot of posts about Cambodia and Thailand before starting on the cool stuff we saw in Japan last weekend so bear with us as things get a bit out of order. We plan to tell you all about both trips, you just may need to be able to mentally jump back and forth!
After the fun we had at our Vietnamese cooking class, I was excited to sign up for a Cambodian cooking class while we were in Siem Reap over winter break. Again, the class had the option to tour through the local market and I’m quickly discovering that this is my favorite part of any cooking class.
Our chef led us through the market just down the street from our hotel and pointed out all sorts of different local fruits, veggies, and spices, while also picking up some last minute ingredients for our class.
We made mango sticky rice for dessert so here she is buying the sticky rice:


Look at all those spices! I had good self-control and only bought a few to bring back to Korea!


This machine chops up coconut into the milk and the meat so that the vender can sell the various parts.

coconut press

The meat section

I can’t remember what’s inside these leaves, but they look delicious!

The seafood section included these snakes…even the picture makes me shudder a little.


Each woman had her station spread out on the counter and then squatted behind it in order to be able to reach everything easily.

seafood section

Lots of pretty veggies


Dragon fruit (or pitahaya according to Alex)

dragon fruit





Winter melon

winter melon

Green papaya

green papaya

It’s always fun to go through a market like this one with someone who knows what all the foods are and it’s even better that Alex has a great memory and can remind me of all the different fruit names later!

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