Wheel Throwing Demo

Today, my Ceramics class got to see a demonstration by a famous professional potter here in Korea! At least, according to our supply manager, who helped organize his visit, he is pretty famous. He gave the demo in Korean, but my kids took notes in English so I’m looking forward to reading them.
He gave a great demonstration of throwing to the whole class and then helped my first group of wheel throwers (they are rotating every two weeks since I only have 5 wheels) get the hang of things. I will need to break things down and demo again next class since his centering technique was much more advanced than most of them are capable of (and he centered the clay for them when they struggled), but it was great to have the kids see such a professional demo right before trying it out themselves. Plus, his pots were really great and he left them all here so now I get to fire them and save them as demo pieces!

wheel throwing
wheel throwing
wheel throwing
wheel throwing


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