Japanese Eats

Japan is expeeeeeensive!
Which means we ate quite the random assortment of things during our visit. Meals in restaurants had the potential to be pretty pricey so while we had a few of those, we definitely mixed in some train snacks and street food.
We also found that we were pretty inept at ordering things at restaurants unless they had pictures or plastic demo food (which could be a great post if I had actually thought to photograph the demo food, it was amazing!). Although we arrived in Japan armed with a list of foods to try thanks to one of our students and several coworkers, figuring out where to order said foods proved to be much more difficult! There were many times throughout the weekend that we wished we had someone with us to tell us what to order or where to eat! Even though we didn’t get a chance to try out all the foods we were hoping to find, we managed to taste some pretty delicious things.
Of everything we ate, I have to say that bento boxes on the train were my favorite. Roughly $10 each, they were some of the cheapest food we could find and were delicious. Once we figured out that we had to get to the stand at the train station before noon in order to get the boxes before they ran out, we had two days of awesome train snacks.

Bento Box
bento box

This green tea flavored cream puff was a good excuse to get out of the rain and warm up in a coffee shop in between sights.

Vanilla and green tea ice cream

green tea ice cream

Alex remembered eating this sticky rice snack as a kid although he wasn’t used to the sauce it was dipped in.

Deep fried potatoes and onions on a stick…sounded great, ended up being kind of weird, but worth a try!

I don’t remember what this was called or even most of what was in it. It photographed nicely though and actually looks tastier than it ended up being!

Shrimp tempura. Yumm!! My other favorite besides the bento box!

Sushi on Saturday night



One thought on “Japanese Eats

  1. Looks like green was a big color in the food choices! I've definitely had the best meals in Japan when I've been hosted by Japanese friends/colleagues. I remember one breakfast in particular being amazing. -like 20 bowls/small plates in front of me at one time. I agree that the plastic food is amazing. I found myself choosing between restaurants based on who had the best plastic food. If it looked a little old or faded, I went elsewhere – how silly is that?
    Love that you got to Kyoto – I've never been there but I've heard it's beautiful.


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