Traveling to Japan for my 30th birthday actually all started with my obsession with Cirque du Soleil. Lauren and Jess took me to two Cirque shows in Las Vegas several years ago and I’ve been dying to see another one ever since. Earlier this year when I was raving about Cirque once again, Alex looked it up and figured out that there was a show in Nagoya, Japan the weekend after my birthday (which also happened to be Lunar New Year and therefor a four-day weekend).
After a little bit of research, Alex figured out that we could fly into Nagoya, but that staying in Kyoto would allow us to do a lot more cultural sightseeing and thus the idea for our long weekend in Japan was born.
We flew into Nagoya Friday night and took a bullet train to Kyoto. It is crazy how speedy these trains are! What is apparently over 2 hours in a bus, took us 35 minutes in a bullet train! The price is steep, but definitely worth it with the time crunch of a four-day weekend.

Japanese Bullet Train

After wandering through temples, pagodas, pavilions, and shrines all day Saturday and Sunday morning, we headed back to Nagoya for Kooza on Sunday evening. The show was a Cirque rendition of a traditional circus with performers like tightrope walkers, contortionists, trapeze artists, etc. Despite the fact that we didn’t understand any of the Japanese dialog, we still had a ton of fun.


It was extremely hard to get a picture in front of this sign since there were so many other people crowded around. I was not nearly as gregarious as the group next to me which was both hilarious and distracting to the girl on my right.
Monday and Tuesday morning were back to sightseeing in Kyoto before we had to come back to Seoul for work on Wednesday morning.
The trip in no way curbed my Cirque obsession, but I’ve heard that there might be a show in Seoul next year so I’ll have to come up with some other excuse to travel on a crazy whirlwind four-day weekend for my 31st!

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