Kinkaku-ji AKA Golden Pavilion

While in Kyoto we had to visit Kinkaku-ji, popularly known as the golden pavilion. It was built by a wealthy statesman and would eventually be turned into a Zen temple. It was burned down in the 1950s by a monk who claimed he loved the building. The monk tried to commit suicide at the same time but ended up surviving. The authorities eventually caught him and found him to be mentally ill. The original building was not completely gold covered but had been intended to, so when they built the replica they followed the original design and intentions. The gardens and pavilion were nice to visit and had beautifully manicured gardens surrounding the pavilion. I can only imagine they would be far more impressive during cherry blossom season or the fall. Either way here are the pictures for your enjoyment.
Caitlin showing off the tickets.

The view of the Pavilion.

Us in front of Kinkaku-ji.

Yet another angle of the temple.Unfortunately they don’t let you go into the pavilion.

The top of the pavilion.

A tree in the pond. One of the many islands. A bird underneath it.

A close up of the stork.

One of the shrines that people threw money at for good fortune.

A close up of the sweet.

Frothy green tea and a sweet with bean curd in it I think.

Caitlin taking a break from site seeing to enjoy some green tea and a sweet.


2 thoughts on “Kinkaku-ji AKA Golden Pavilion

  1. Seems odd to see you both bundles up but the trees still green. Love your red coat and hat! What a striking place. Looks good for contemplation. Glad you got to enjoy this weekend!


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