Inari Shrine

This past weekend was a long weekend as it was Lunar New Year and since it was recently Caitlin’s 30th birthday I figured what better way to celebrate than a trip. So Caitlin got a trip for her birthday and since it is fresh in the mind I thought I would start blogging about it to avoid all the other blogging that I have fallen behind on, I know it doesn’t make sense but thats my train of thought. We headed to Kyoto Japan for her birthday and one of the coolest things for me was the Inari Shrine. The shrine is a large number of Shinto shrines to the god Inari.
The first gate to the shrine.

inari Shrine

The gate looking out the entrance doors.

inari Shrine

Looking through the gates.

Looking back at the gates. The writing is on the backside. Each gate is sponsored by an individual or a business.

Close up of Caitlin and the gates. 30 and looking good.

The outside of the path. Warning I took a large number of pictures as Caitlin got me a new camera for Christmas so bear with me.

It was a foggy day, so the orange really stood out.

inari Shrine

One of the larger gates at the head of a path

inari Shrine

A lemon tree growing by the path.

A sign warning what to do if you see monkeys.

We got to see a monkey.

So I did what anyone who had just read the warning sign, got closer to take a better picture.

Then the monkey attacked an old lady walking by. Apparently thats why you are supposed to pick up rocks and act like you are going to throw them. This lady had no rocks so she whacked him with her purse. He ran off after that.

A picture for mom so she knows the monkey did not eat me.

Caitlin posing in the path.

Because whats a visit to a Shinto shrine without a cake fish filled with cream and strawberries.


2 thoughts on “Inari Shrine

  1. Waaaaaay cool. Loved the pictures. It reminded me of going to NYC with Caitlin for the Christo gate exhibit in Central Park. I'm so glad you shared these pictures and that you had a great time Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!


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