A day in Bangkok

On our way back from Kata Beach we had about 24hrs to spend in Bangkok. We have planned to go back to Bangkok at some point and see all the sights but we didn’t want to just sit around our hotel. So we headed down to the grand palace only to find out it was closed. So we headed to our second place of interest Wat Pho, which has a huge reclining Buddha. Our friends Mark and Gillian had suggested we see it as it was impressive. It truly was impressive. So here are a few pictures to try to capture the whole shebang. After we toured Wat Pho we headed down to Khaoson Rd. to get some cheap Pad Thai and did some last minute souvenir shopping. We ended up eating 5 plates of Pad Thai as we knew it would be awhile till the next time in Thailand and bought 4 flip chairs, that I tried to walk down the street with at 9pm. I gave up on this attempt so I left Caitlin with the chairs and went in search of a Tuk Tuk driver who immediately offered his services at an exaggerated rate. I accepted without negotiating but told him he had to help me with a few things first. He thought I had a suitcase and his look when he saw what we had was priceless. He helped and we all packed into the tuk tuk more or less and were off. I think I got the better deal of it and he may be hesitant next time a tourist accepts his exaggerated rate without negotiating.

The outside of the temple. It was hard to get a picture that captured it all.

They were fundraising for a new roof. For a donation you could write a prayer on the underside of one of the shingles.

One heck of a door.

The reclining Buddha.

Most of the Buddha.

All the walls were painted as well.

The windows looked like frames, giving the idea that outside was the art and the wall was not. Not sure if that was the point, but cool none the less.

The bottom of Buddha’s feet. All carved mother of pearl.

An upclose look at the carving.

The bottom of Caitlin’s feet at the end of the day. You don’t want the close up.

Caitlin ordering Pad Thai. This woman was out of spring rolls so she made more so Caitlin had to get another one. Super fresh and delicious.


One thought on “A day in Bangkok

  1. Just for some clarification here….we had pad thai on the street at both lunch AND dinner…we did not eat 5 orders of pad thai in one sitting…that would just be ridiculous. 😉


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