Day two of the Angkor Complex

On the Second day of touring around Angkor we went to the oldest temples. As one would expect these were in the worst condition of all the temples we saw, however they were still quite impressive and a couple of them had working monasteries that were built on the grounds. We took the same tuk tuk to go see the older temples. This was only about a half day of temples but was still enjoyable. We however did not take nearly as many pictures as the first day. We made up for that though when we went to Angkor Wat.
Caitlin and I in front of Preah Ko

The front of Bakong. The moat added a nice touch.

One of the lions at Bakong

One of the many doorway poses we took.

Caitlin up at the top of the temple. Who would have thunk she was afraid of heights.

One of the reliefs at Lolei. The third temple we went to. Still in good shape.
Another relief at Lolei.

Caitlin in front of Lolei.

After asking Moi (sp?) what she learned in school and quizzing her on her multiplication tables I felt like I had to buy something. Man I’m a sucker.

We finished the day up with a sampler platter of Amok made with different meats and a green mango salad served in a banana flower.
Amok with helpful little picture toothpicks to identify the meat.

Green mango salad.


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