The Best Bruise

Back in the early stages of this blog, I slipped and fell down the stairs of our first apartment in Honduras. The bruise was epic…a huge reddish purple blob right in the middle of my derriere. In fact, we posted it on here, until our students found our blog and having my butt on the Internet seemed like a bad idea.
Last week, Alex tried to take over my reigning best bruise title by rolling his ankle playing basketball. His bruise somehow encompasses his entire ankle, the bottom of his foot, and his toes….gross.

bruised ankle

It is slowly starting to heal (hopefully in time for all our Christmas travels), in the meantime he really needs to stop dancing on it!

2 thoughts on “The Best Bruise

  1. Oh dear, that looks nasty and painful. Ice! And rest. Glad you live so close to work. I hope he's getting lots of sympathy and help from his students.


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