December/January Art Display

Here at SIS, the art teachers have a central hallway to display student work. There are four of us so we set up a rotating schedule for the board in the main entrance/library/auditorium area and I am in charge of December and January. I have been saving student work all semester long so it is pretty exciting to see it displayed cohesively in one place. I am lucky to have some amazingly talented middle school students!

The Fine Arts hallway is outside of both of the auditorium and the secondary library and right inside the main entrance to the secondary school which makes it a great location for attracting lots of viewers.

Middle School Art Display

I used one side of the hallway to display printmaking. The 6th graders made the Aztec Sun Stones, while my 7th and 8th graders created the Illuminated Letters.


The other side is a mixture of 6th grade O’Keeffe inspired oil pastels and 7th and 8th grade Impressionist Paintings.
Middle School Art Display

Middle School Art Impressionist Paintings


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