Out to eat with parents

It is common at our new school for student’s parents to take teachers out for dinner as a way of showing their appreciation. I have had one student take us out to dinner and this past Friday one of Caitlin’s students took us out for traditional Korean at a fancy restaurant. The restaurants that parents usually take you to are not places that we would commonly visit but are always awesome and leave us awestruck. The first restaurant was on the 53rd floor of the World Trade Center here in Seoul. While we were too nervous to pull out the camera at that one, this time we couldn’t resist this time when dessert came around. The dessert consisted of ice cream with cotton candy on top and a shot of espresso. You were supposed to poor the espresso on the cotton candy to dissolve it a make a tasty espresso ice cream dish. Hope you enjoy the video nearly as much as we enjoyed eating it.
P.S. this dessert’s awesomeness reflects Caitlin’s awesomeness as a teacher.

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