TidBit of the Day-Iced Coffee

One of my favorite food/drink finds so far in Korea are these to-go iced coffees. They sell them at all the 7-11 quick mart types of places, but this one happened to be in the subway last Saturday as we were heading to the palace.
You pick out a flavor (I chose green…I have no idea what the actual flavor was). The packages are a bit like a giant capri sun. You take the package up to the register and pay and then the cashier will give you a straw. Then you go back to the freezer (below the ice coffee display) and get yourself a to-go cup filled with ice. By the way, I know all of this because I watched two other girls do all of this before attempting it myself.

Then you open the package, dump it in the cup, and wahla, you have iced coffee!

The green flavor was actually kind of gross, but I love the idea of iced coffee on the go so I will definitely be attempting this again with a different package choice.


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