A Year Long Scavenger Hunt

I’m getting the feeling that finding things in this art room is going to be a lot like participating in a year-long scavenger hunt. There are just so many shelves, cabinets, nooks and crannies that I can’t possibly go through everything and also find time to plan lessons, teach, and have a life. So I’ve been searching for one thing at a time. Today I wanted transparent contact paper. I knew there had to be some around here because I had found the backing in one of the scrap bins. I did eventually find rolls of it inside a box on a shelf in the corner of the storage room,

but during the search process I also managed to find: scratchart paper and engraving paper,

metallic self-adhesive paper, foamboard for printmaking, animal print tissue paper, carbon paper,

and a whole set of posters about Ceramics.

While it would obviously be great to just know where every little thing was in this room, the excitement of digging through a shelf and finding something totally random hasn’t grown old. I wonder what I’ll find next week…
By the way, I am madly in love with my new macbook and this ridiculous DSLR that the library loaned me. It is super easy to take pictures of whatever I want around the room and then pop the memory stick out, shove it in my fancy pants computer and import whatever I want!

Yay technology!

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