Catship Log, 07.23.2011

Friday, Day 28 of the landing on Earth, and our captivity


Olive, aka Cat-Astro-Phitt:
Yesterday we had a rousing game of Bat-A-Bird. It made a change from Field Mouse Hockey, but I still prefer Hide-and-Go-Scat. When Frijol walks under the chair I leap on him, bounce off the reclining chair, and land on him again in the hallway. If I do this just right, the chair reclines and makes a perfect diving board. Then he sneaks back in and we do it again. My leaping distance is improving. I also did my Dervish-in-the-bathtub game. Frijol prefers to watch the birds.
We have settled into a routine here, but I have the feeling that something is going on. I wish the human would stop trying to get a picture of me- it’s annoying.


Enough with the camera already!

Frijole, aka Cat-Man-Do:
I have found lots of interesting things to watch in the yard, and love leaping from the top of the bookcases, particularly onto the bed when Olive is napping. She also makes a good pillow. The human continues to do something she refers to as “cat-proofing.” I wonder what that is.
While Olive was spinning around in the bathtub I decided to help the human by cleaning out the medicine cabinet. The human didn’t even thank me. I have also figured out how to get inside the reclining chair so that nothing shows except my tail.

Olive makes a great pillow.

I was just looking for the dental floss…

ATC, aka Catstodian:
I’m really going to miss these guys.


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