Tequilera Corralejo

We recently have fallen behind on our posts as we have been visiting friends and family all over. So as to try to keep up with the copious amounts of pictures and outings that we have taken I begin with a blog about the Corralejo tequilera that we went to visit when we were in Mexico. Freddy and Flaco took us to see how the tequila was made and to taste the tequila. While I have had the tequila before I have not been to the distillery, even though it is quite close the Guerrero’s ranch. The tour takes you through the process of making the tequila and the old hacienda house that it is at. There were some modifications made for both functionality as well as design. They had used a lot of the signature blue bottle in the windows to create cool designs and a nice effect. We got to follow the process and taste the tequila shortly after it had been distilled. Apparently it comes out at 80% alcohol which is 160 proof. They gave us each a shot and told us we should taste it and we didn’t need to finish it. Unfortunately as often happens someone came up with the idea that we should finish it. So Freddy, Flaco and I took the shot and felt the burn, Caitlin was smart enough to not finish hers. Freddy and I felt the burn the rest of the night, I personally hacked, teared up and felt like I was going to puke. Freddy then made the obvious comment that we aren’t 19 anymore so maybe we shouldn’t try to drink like we used to. By the time we got to the tequila tasting it tasted like a watered down version of tequila. Needless to say it was a blast to go through the distillery with family.
They had a huge pile of agave. They are chopped up to make it easier to move them as they can weigh up to 80kilos.

Here they are cooking the agave to bring out the juice and sugar.

They gave us a chunk to taste. It tasted a little like sugar cane.
Coming up with the idea to finish the shot. You can see we are smiling here.
The reaction to the shot. No more smiles.
The barrels where they age the tequila.

Decorations in the windows made up of bottles.

They used the bottles in the ceilings too.

The way tequila used to be squeezed out of the Agave.

At another location near the distillery that had tequila barrels stored at it.

Some of the barrels had humorous sayings on them.


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