Influential Alex

Each year at Colegio Americano, the seniors choose a teacher who they feel was the most influential to honor at graduation. This year both Alex and our friend Andy were chosen by the students to receive this honor. After two years at a school where the administration didn’t do much to recognize the work that teachers do, it was nice to finish on this high note, knowing that being recognized by the students is what truly matters. I have always known that Alex is a fabulous teacher, but it was exciting to see others realize it too!

3 thoughts on “Influential Alex

  1. Congratulatoins on the award! Maybe the school didn't recognize him, but I think that his students' recognition is way more significative. I am sure your students are also going to adore you both in Korea as well. Cheers!


  2. Alex sure loves following in my my footsteps. First Best Dressed, then Teacher of the Year. Then Asia. As I've set my sights for next year on guiding my basketball team to its best season ever, I look forward to celebrating Alex's success as a coach. I'm sure you'll let me know when I can congratulate him.

    Miss you guys.


  3. He has the passion and the giving power to change those lagging. He is an amazing dud. I am not bias I know if for a fact he is amazing human been


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