Catship Log, 07.16.2011

Tuesday, Day 21 of the landing on Earth, and our captivity


Olive, aka Cat-Astro-Phitt:
Just when you think things are under control, this planet gets strange. Another human arrived and I had a good time, exploring a new high-rise cat apartment, playing Field-Mouse Hockey in the hallway and fishing for ice cubes. Then, before you knew it, we were kidnapped and taken for a ride. Much relief when we were not abandoned in the new prison. I was exhausted and really needed a lnap. You’d think that human would put away the camera and leave us alone.

Frijole, aka Cat-Man-Do:
You can’t trust humans. A male human arrived, and was very friendly for the first day. Then he suddenly locked us both in cages told us not to worry, we were not getting any shots. The two humans took us for a ride in a screaming vehicle, so I decided to show them what screaming really should sound like. Olive said I was in very good voice.
We were taken back to the house and the male left, telling me I had a chip on my shoulder. It felt like a shot to me, but doesn’t hurt. Soon after, all kinds of loud noises happened here, too. What’s an air show, and how long is three days? Furthermore, there’s something strange going on in the back yard. What’s “Sex Education”?

ATC, aka Catstodian:
The cats are doing well, and survived the vet trip very well. The vet was wonderful with them and will handle all the paperwork. Frijol about drove us crazy, though- who would have thought a cat could make that kind of noise?.
The minute Bill left there was a complete run-through practice for the air show, jets and all, which lasted for 8 hours. The cats napped and I cringed. Then there was a big fireworks show, so I wasn’t a quiet day around here.
6:30 AM Saturday: MISSION CONTROL, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!! See attached picture. The planet is being over-run by felines. And yes, I finally fed Momma, after all this time. She asked so nicely and showed me the kittens she had last night, what else could I do?


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