A Summer Short and Sweet!

This summer we came back to the states for the first extended period in two years. Both Caitlin and I wanted to pack as much in as possible so as not to miss anyone or anything. This summer we cruised through 7 states, 2 countries, covered 8,500 miles, saw 30 family members, hung out with 36 friends, drank as much microbrew as possible, filled 2 memory cards, danced at one wedding and had some much needed laughter and time with family and friends. So this post is for everyone who made time for us and made us feel like we had never been away. We honestly miss you all more than you realize and we know that dropping things to hang out with us is not always easy so thank you. So to sum it all up made a small picture montage to remember our crazy busy but completely awesome summer. As you are reading this we are flying to Seoul to start the next adventure. Click below.


3 thoughts on “A Summer Short and Sweet!

  1. Your summer exhausts me but I'm so glad we got to be part of it. Your pictures tell a wonderful story. Your community of family and friends spans the globe. Love you both!


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