Bacon Burgers with all the Fixings

We apparently didn’t eat enough meat in Argentina because I had a craving for hamburgers yesterday. I’ve been dying for a mushroom swiss burger for awhile now and I had some leftover bacon so here’s what I came up with:
A had some leftover cooked bacon from baked potato soup on Thursday night, but it was already in tiny chopped pieces so I mixed it in with the ground beef rather than adding it to the top of the burgers. I also added a little grill seasoning to the meat(Alex thought this was too much and could have been left out, but I loved it!).
It’s been super rainy here lately so I cooked these up in a grill pan instead of bothering to actually use the grill…not to mention starting a large charcoal grill for two burgers seemed a bit ridiculous.
The burgers are topped with “swiss” cheese….aka the only swiss cheese I could find was in the form of Kraft singles and although it is white, still manages to taste exactly like orange Kraft singles. Oh well.
I also added some sweet mustard we brought back from Argentina. Yum!

A burger’s not a burger without all the fixings though so here’s what else went on these suckers.
Sauteed mushrooms

Caramelized onions (that were cooked in Cabernet Sauvignon and and a tiny bit of brown sugar)


and lettuce

accompanied by a side of fries seasoned with cajun spice mix.

And now I have to stop blogging and get back to my grad school homework…. 🙂

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