Teatro Colon

As we had time in Buenos Aires to explore the city Caitlin mentioned that she wanted to visit the theater. Caitlin had read that you could take tours of the theater and we decided to give it a shot. Our tour guide seemed to know a lot about the theater and seemed to really enjoy telling people about the theater. He said he frequently attended the Opera and told us who sat in which seats and for what reasons. For example that the presidents seat is near the stage but is not actually the best seats because of the design of the building and the acoustics. Which apparently the theater is in the top 5 for sound. The theater was built in 1908 and was the biggest Opera house in the southern hemisphere until Sydney built theirs. The theater was created by 3 different architects because of deaths and for a while people considered stopping construction because of this. The end result was that they finished it but it had a combination of styles. Because of the time period and the desire to build a decadent Opera house they brought glass in from France and marble from Italy and Portugal and tiles from London. I don’t remember all the information our guide gave us but as you can tell he had a lot to talk about.
The theater from the outside.
The entry way.

Stained glass ceiling.

The best seats in the place.

Also not too shabby seats.

The ceiling of the theater.


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