La Boca

La Boca is a neighborhood of Buenos Aires that was traditionally a poorer neighborhood as it was where the port workers lived. The workers consisted of primarily immigrants and as they did not have much money their houses were built of corrugated tin. These workers would get ahold of ship paints and use them to paint their houses so as to make them more attractive. They have fixed up part of this neighborhood to what it looked like in the past. It is only a small section of the country and had the feeling of overly touristy, as there were tons of restaurants and tango shows on the street. It was cool to walk around but did not take up too much of our time. The irony in this is that it felt fake even though much of the rest of Buenos Aires has a really nice atmosphere for being such a large city.
El Caminito, one of the pedestrian streets.

Caitlin on one of the streets in La Boca

Diego Maradona standing above Caitlin

We stopped for a bite to eat. We got a couple of choripan and grilled provolone. The choripan was a little too fatty for our liking but the provolone was awesome. We also got a dark beer which was delicious.


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