A Hondureño Dinner

One of my absolute most favorite meals in Honduras was whole fried fish, plantains, and red beans with coconut rice. I miss it all the time and although I know I’ll never live up to the Garifuna women who cook this on the beach, I’m willing to keep trying if I can even come close.

I sliced up some green plantains and fried them in veggie oil

then drained them on a paper towel and doused them in salt.

Next I patted flour onto some tilapia (red snapper would be better, but that wasn’t an option at MegaMaxi).

and fried that in some oil too (I never said this meal was healthy).

After I flipped them they started to look like how I remembered.

Serve it up with some Coconut Red Beans and Rice. I roughly follow this recipe, although I like to saute the onions first and I usually leave the chile out.
It wasn’t perfect, but it was as close as I’ve gotten so far!


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