Okay, we’re getting behind here, but I’ve pretty much been drowning in grading and grad school for the last two weeks.
This weekend we are headed to the beach, albeit not together. A bunch of girls from work planned a ladies beach weekend and I think the boys felt a bit left out so they decided to plan one too. We will all be at the beach, but separated by many many miles of sand.
Next week is another crazy grad school week (it’s very hard to stay caught up when I am out of town every weekend!) and then we head out camping for a long weekend to celebrate Carnival far far away from all the crowds of kids throwing foam.
When we finally get back on track expect posts about:
The jungle from way back in December!
Our quick trip to Medellin, Colombia last weekend.
Beach pictures
Camping pictures
Some student projects from this year.
and maybe even a little info on the Korean classes we are taking!
So stay tuned, I swear we’ll be back soon. 🙂

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