Something out of "Nothing"

Alex is a wee-bit sick in the tummy region due to a random combo of street meat, ceviche, and KFC at the beach, which means that last night’s dinner consisted of plain rice and chicken noodle soup. For some reason I made a ridiculously large amount of rice which didn’t go well with my lack of motivation for going to the grocery store after school today.
What to do?…..
Invent some stir fry.
I’ve been reading approximately 1.2 million cooking blogs lately so I am going to attempt to tell you what and how this stir fry was created, but don’t expect specific recipe kind of details, because that’s just not how this dinner worked. Instead, it will be a much more art teacher step by step instructions kind of “recipe.”
A little trip down the block to the veggie tiendita resulted in some celery, two onions, one giant carrot, and a strange oblong zucchini…sufficient random vegetableness for making stir fry.
I also managed to find some frozen chicken in the freezer and put this in a bowl of warm water to thaw.
I browned up some sliced onions and carrots in olive oil to start with. I wanted the onions to be nearly caramelized and the carrots soft so I let these cook while I did everything else. I also threw some minced garlic, salt and pepper in the pan too.
Next I chopped up the zucchini and celery so they’d be ready to throw in when I needed them.
Once the chicken was only sort of frozen, I chopped it up into little pieces and then cooked it up in a small frying pan with olive oil, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, and a big spoon of chunky peanut butter.
When the chicken was mostly cooked through, I dumped it into the carrot/onion pan, added the zucchini and celery, and threw in more olive oil, soy sauce and chunky pb. A palmful of sesame seeds topped it off.
I stirred it around until all the pb was mixed in and then dumped it on top of some of that leftover rice, producing this:

Maybe not the ideal meal for upset tummy, but Alex gobbled it up anyway. I felt slightly responsible for his still rumbling stomach until he admitted that when he had ramen noodles for lunch, he added Salsa Valentina to them!!

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