La Paz

I posted earlier about how busy and overwhelming La Paz is. Here are a few pictures of the chaos and a few of a peaceful place we finally found.
Getting attacked by pigeons in the Plaza de Armas

Dead llamas.
Apparently it is good luck to have the shriveled up corpse of a dead llama. There were many of them in the market…we were pretty horrified.

Outside the coca museum.
The museum had some interesting and intriguing info, but the lack of documented sources for many of the detailed data and the two guys behind the counter happily chewing coca leaves while we read about how they were primarily used for religious ceremonies in Inca times kind of made it lose some credibility.

The mirador from the children’s park.
Probably not very peaceful when it’s full of children, but seeing it was the middle of the afternoon on a weekday we practically had the whole place to ourselves!


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