Bolivian Salt Flats Day 2

Day 2 was a lot like day 1…it even had more flamingos!!!
We saw lots of pretty lakes, several different animals, and some cool rock formations. It was cold so we witnessed most of these things in short stops where we hopped out of the car, took a bunch of pictures, and then hopped back in.
Some highlights of the day included:
climbing on big rocks

seeing what wind is capable of doing to big rocks

awing over chinchilla-like creatures called vizcachas

getting super excited about every vicuña we saw (vicuñas are cameloids…a bit like a wild llama)

shivering in front of altiplano lakes filled with flamingos

eating lunch next to our jeep

more big rocks

and having a quinoa beer in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere (quinoa is an oatmeal like grain that is super popular in South America)


One thought on “Bolivian Salt Flats Day 2

  1. Hi Caitlin and Alex.
    We've really been enjoying your pictures. Right now, we're looking at them with Jim and Alice. We had a shrimp boil tonight, on the board.


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