Chile is Chiilllllly!

We havent had a chance to take any pictures off the camera yet so this will be a words only post. Hopefully when we are in Bolivia there will be more time (and faster internet) for uploading some images for your enjoyment.
After nearly three days of straight travel, we arrived in the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. It is absolutely beautiful here, but the fact that it is winter makes for a strange sensation because it is also freeeezing! Who woulda thunk we would be freezing in the desert!?!
So we did what any normal freezing traveler would do and hit the market. Between the three of us we now own: two ponchos, one alpaca sweater, 4 pairs of alpaca leg warmers, 2 alpaca hats, and 2 pairs of fleecy long underwear! This may seem absurd but we are heading into the salt flat region of Bolivia tomorrow and have been told that it is consistently 15 to 20 degrees below 0 C! Although we have bought a lot of new stuff, our bags are going to feel pretty empty when we are wearing absolutely everything we own including our sleeping bags.
Think warm thoughts for us, and we will try to update again when we arrive in Potosi in a few days!

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