Kittens for the Summer

Writing this post may be more to convince myself than you all because I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about leaving Olive and Frijole home alone for so long….
They’re in excellent hands though!
Our landlord lives downstairs and has agreed to come up and feed them and play with them. She absolutely adores Olive and thinks Frijole is pretty cute too. We bought extra cans of tuna because we know that she worries about Frijole eating all the food and not leaving enough for Olive. I think it is entirely possible that we come back to a 20 lb. Frijole since he is pretty much a food hound and the more Rosa feeds Olive the more Frijole will scarf down.
Our maid is also going to come by twice a week to clean litter boxes and just make sure everything is in order. Her elementary school daughter is on summer vacation too so she’ll come along to play with the cats and keep them entertained (or traumatized enough to enj
So although I am pretty nervous about leaving them, I’m sure they’ll be fine until we get back!

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