Find the Differences

The best part about this project was grading it! Seriously!
My 10th graders learned about both grid drawing and human proportion this year so I combined the two together for our semester exam. To make it a bit more fun, I also turned the project into a puzzle. The students were required to make three subtle changes to their final drawing. They quizzed their friends and siblings and then me when they turned their projects in…”Can you tell what I changed!? I don’t think you’re going to find it. My mom, dad, and brother all couldn’t!”
For sanity’s sake I had them write on another piece of paper what their changes were in case I really couldn’t find them (and on many I couldn’t). This was especially entertaining because I asked them to explain why they made the changes they did thinking they would say things like, “it was small so no one would notice it.” In reality I got a lot more answers like, “her shows just didn’t go with her outfit so I made them different” or “I made her fingernails pink so they would match her earrings.”
Click on the pictures to make them bigger and then try to find the differences for yourself!


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