Flower Power

There is a high probability when you buy flowers in the States that they came from Ecuador. In fact, the flowers I used to make all the centerpieces at our wedding were shipped from a company in Ecuador. We even got a follow up call making sure everything was okay from a woman in Quito. She seemed a bit confused when Alex spoke Spanish and told her we were moving there in a few weeks.
Because Ecuador is such a huge flower exporter, that means we can get some pretty cheap local flowers. There are stands all over the city piled high with different types and Alex enjoys bringing them home for me to arrange in our ever growing collection of vases.
Here are just a few pictures of what he has bought me so far this year.


5 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Aw, that's nice Cait! The cats don't mess with them? Otis messes with our flowers. And I am afraid they will poison him so I hesitate to buy them!


  2. Boy am I jealous, I love flowers. We also had pretty reasonable flower prices in SWEDEN and a much bigger selection then what they have here in Madison, even at the florists. Hans always bought flowers for the weekend to be placed on the table after the weekly cleaning was done. Yesterday I picked up some daffodils from Copps, they look really nice and a welcome splash of color this time of year. Yours are beautiful!!


  3. They are beautiful and I love that Alex loves bringing them home. Nothing like fresh flowers to lighten the load of a hard day.


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