Hiking Pasochoa

This Saturday I continued my training for Cotopaxi. The hike of choice was Pasochoa, not an extremely high mountain, it tops out at about 4200 meters. The difficulty of it was the change of altitude, it started at 2800 meters, which means a change of 1400 meters, it pretty much went up the whole way. The burning in my calves was sign enough that it was having the desired effect of building up endurance and cardio shape. I took a few pictures but the views were not as good as last weeks.

Picture from close to the top. For some reason Caitlin insisted that I put this one up. I think I look like a goon, but whatever.

Panoramic, if you look at the two ends you can see a couple of glacier covered mountains.

Cool tree picture Diana took.

Eric and I taking a break on the way back down.

A view of the ridge that we hiked along to get to the top.

Me at close to the top. We did not make it all the way up because it required rock climbing and we did not have ropes and such.

A horse that we ran into on the way up.


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