Baked Potato Potluck

Every time I go to the market here I marvel at all the different potatoes so last weekend we decided to have a potato party. Everyone was told to bring a topping and I baked up “a few” potatoes. I always have a fear of not having enough food for guests and this time was no exception. Besides being worried that they would not all fit in the oven (which they eventually did with some careful layering), the baked potatoes were a huge success! There were plenty of potatoes to go around and we chose from cheese, butter, broccoli, bacon, guacamole, avocado dip, aji, sour cream, barbeque sauce, etc. It was a lot of fun to have so many new friends over to enjoy some food on a Sunday night.
The only dilemma then was that we had so many leftover potatoes that we could barely fit them in the fridge! Monday I made potato hash, Tuesday and Wednesday were fried potatoes with egg on top, and this morning I made shredded hashbrowns. Now I need a break from potatoes for awhile.


4 thoughts on “Baked Potato Potluck

  1. The kids' rhyme in swedish is:

    polis, polis, potatisgris

    I don't really know why they call the police potato pigs but they do and all of your potatoes made me think of this rhyme.

    What I wrote could be translated as;

    “You two are certainly real potato piggies.” (No harm intended – I like piggies.)


  2. ok – found more of the rhyme:

    polis, polis potatisgris,

    gå hem och laga morsans spis

    (police, police, potatopiggy,
    go home and fix your mother's stove)

    it sounds better in Swedish but makes no more sense.


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