Hike #2 (Quilotoa)

This past Sunday I decided to embark on my second hike towards taking on Coyabamba. This hike took a little bit more dedication than the previous one did. I had to get up at 4am inorder to get to the bus by 5am. I thought multiple times about crawling back into the warm bed. I even received encouragement from Caitlin to get back into bed. I had to fight the urge with every fiber in my body to go. In the end I decided to go. While sitting on the bus waiting to leave I thought how in the world are there so many nut jobs in Quito who are as crazy as me to get up and go hiking on a Sunday. I slept for the first hour of the bus ride, so I have no idea what happened then. After waking up for the second time I got some specatacular views on our way to Quilotoa. Some of the pictures didn’t turn out very well but thought I would post them because I thought they were pretty cool. When we finally got to Quilotoa about 3.5 hours later we were at the top of the volcano. The guide told us we were going to hike around the crater, which I didn’t think seemed that bad. After two hours and not even halfway around the crater, I realized that my eyes had deceived me again. I finished hiking around the whole crater and got some great pictures in the process. Amazingly enough I was not nearly as exhausted as I was on the first hike. Looks like I’m getting used to the hiking.

A little boy walking his Llamas.

The backside of Cotopaxi.

A cool landscape with terracing. Made me think about the Incans.

Leah and I at the beginning of the hike. Leah is another teacher at the Americano.

A Panaramic of the Volcanic crater from the beginning of the hike.

This is me trying to do one of those cool jumping pictures. Tried three times and this is the best one, apparently not a talent of mine.

Picture of my feet at the first break. Thought it would go nicely with Caitlins feet on the beach.

Me playing with the camera and trying to be artsy. At least thats what I told people when I was sitting gasping for air.

The trail we were hiking

Panoramic outside of the crater.

Potato Fields.

One side of the crater was a desert. I have no words for my surprise and the anger my legs had toward me.

View from where I ate lunch.

Sunset on Cotopaxi on the way back.


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