Food in Otavalo

This past saturday Caitlin and I went to Otavalo a nearby town that is known for its artisan market, which is one of the biggest in South America. One of the other teachers had arranged to rent a bus, so about 30 teachers went. Caitlin will be posting on this later, this post is on a meal in a bag. As we had been shopping all day and shopping is tiring stuff as you well know I decided I needed something to eat before heading to the leather market. So as we were walking I noticed a restaurant with a pig head sticking out. I had noticed multiple carts with the same type of presentation but had not been hungry. Now for what ever reason this pig head peaked my hunger. It seemed like I had found lunch, but then came the info that has been placed so concretely in my brain by my abuela “No comes en la calle” but on my other shoulder was Anthony Bordain saying “How can you experience a culture without trying the street meat.” Not only was this a dilemma about food but I knew we had a 2hr bus ride home, so if this lunch didn’t go well it could be really embarrassing and awkward. Needless to say I decided to give it a shot after seeing some relatively healthy looking people order lunch. The result, I was healthy and it was a delicious lunch for 1.50. It was like a dry Pozole. The woman put homile corn, mashed fried potatoes, pork, a chunk of chicharron, some pork drippings, onion and a little salt(I opted out of the lettuce, I’m not that whimsical, I did learn something).

Preperation Station

Lunch in a bag, Ecuadorian Style


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