Kitten Update

After two messed up eyes, several phone calls, and three more trips to the vet, the latest diagnosis is that Olive potentially has Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis which sounds basically like kitten herpes of the eye.
She now gets two oral medicines in the morning and three in the evenings. She gets her eye washed three times per day followed by two different types of eye drops. She’s still wearing the cone. Lately I had been starting to feel like working in some type of veterinary field might be right up my alley, but now I’m starting to reconsider!
We are supposed to be keeping the two of them separated, but honestly just don’t have the heart. He cries to be by her when she’s on the couch and he’s not! I can only imagine how bad it would be if she were locked in a separate room! We also figure that he’s been around her contagious self for so long now that he’s either already sick and just not showing symptoms yet, or is somehow invincible. Hopefully this doesn’t backfire on us!
Her eyes are looking waaay better though, probably because one of those drops she gets is an anti-inflammatory. The doctor thinks she should be starting to look better by next weekend. I hope so because I feel a bit like I’m torturing her each time I have to shoot medicine down her throat with a mini plastic syringe! At least it’s making her very tolerant to all our manhandling. This morning we trimmed her nails and it was a breeze!
The three of us with our brand new alpaca blanket (that will be another post) on the couch.

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