Tenemos Muebles!

We have furniture!!
In an attempt to save money we purchased most of our furniture “raw” aka only sanded. The store wanted $500 more to stain and lacquer everything so we figured we could do that ourselves. We’ll see if we still think that after going through the process. So far we have gotten through the primer stage and are working toward the stain, sealant, sanding, sealant, lacquer, sanding, and lacquer stages. Our goal is to finish everything by next weekend…..but you should know that we aren’t just talking one or two pieces of furniture. Nope, there was an oferta so we went all out and got: a bed frame, two nightstands with drawers, a dining room table, six dining chairs, two IKEA style chairs, an IKEA style couch and a coffee table.
It should be great when it’s done, but for now it looks like this….


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