Nayon is a small town outside of Quito that has tons and tons of Viveros (plant nurseries). Some of the new teachers and I headed there last weekend to pick up some life-filled decorations for our new homes. It was amazing to look down the street and see one vivero after another as far as we could see! We had a great time walking from place to place and bargaining for the plants we wanted.
I spent about $50 and ended up with a lime tree, a bougainvillea, a big plant with multicolored leaves, mint, thyme, basil, lemon grass, and a jalapeno plant! I’m excited to go back again to get more plants for our terrace and to get some cacti, which there was a huge selection of. Our terrace has a trough in the railing to plant things in so once we are a bit more settled I plan to dig up what is there and plant some more exciting and colorful stuff.

Everything on the edge of the street is what we bought! They planted everything in pots for us and called a truck that we could rent to take all our things home.

Trina got to ride in the back of the truck to make sure nothing toppled over!

Me and Kari
It cost $5 to have this truck take all our things back to our homes!

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